SEO Trends & Tips For 2021 – Stay Ahead In Competition

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential for businesses when you use it right. It helps you rank on top of the search engines and reach your target audience. However, SEO is getting updated constantly and to stay ahead of the competition, it is essential that you are aware of all the trends. So, what is in store for 2021? What are the latest SEO trends? My dear friend, we bring you all the deets ahead.

What Is SEO?

Before we proceed, let us first understand what SEO is all about. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking your webpages on SERPs with the help of relevant keywords and content optimization. So, to do this, you can either hire an agency or learn to curate a strategy yourself. If you want your website to appear in the top five, you must;

  • Be informed about the latest Google SERP feature
  • Have a thorough knowledge about your target audience
  • Make use of Google word trends
  • Use Social media
  • Mobile optimization is a must
  • Make an effort to increase organic traffic

Now, that you are familiar with the concept of SEO, let’s move on to the latest SEO trends. Take a look.

Artificial Intelligence Will Play An Important Role 

AI is changing the way the audience interacts with online content. For instance, take a look at Google’s AI algorithm. It plays an important role in the ranking factors. According to Greg Corrodo, who is a Google scientist, he says, “The other signals, they’re all based on discoveries and insights that people in information retrieval have had, but there’s no learning,” which means that the algorithm will only improve with time. So, one of the SEO Google trends is that AI will play an important role in the future. 

Snippets Will Keep Dominating 

When you search for something on Google, you see a snippet trying to answer your query. So, if you haven’t been using snippets on your website, it is time you start as they will keep dominating the searches. The best way to jump on this bandwagon and follow this  is to ensure you create a questionnaire in your content to ensure your snippets start showing on the search.

Influencers Are In 

A trend that was pretty hot this year and will continue to rule in 2021 is taking help from the influencers. When an influencer gives the public some information, the chances of people searching for the same goes up. After all, the chances of your customer interacting with someone rather than an ad is higher. However, make sure the influencer you use is trusted by the public and has a strong following. This is one SEO tip and trick of 2021 that will remain strong.

A Secure Website Is The Way To Go 

Security is of utmost priority today. In order to gain the trust of your audience, it is important that you first secure your website. Make sure you are using HTTPS. When they feel safe using your website, that’s when the products and services on the website will be used.

Voice Searches Will Be A Thing 

Make sure your website is optimized for voice searches because that will probably be a trend in 2021. What it means? You will have to change the way you write and make use of the keywords. Today, almost everyone has started relying on voice searches because it is easier than typing your query out. Hence, make use of long-tail keywords for your content as it can show up even during a voice search. This is an important SEO optimization tip. 

A Seamless Mobile Experience 

Today, we are all on our phones almost 24/7. So, if someone is doing a search for something, the chances of them doing it on their phone is higher. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized for a mobile to ensure you provide your audience a seamless experience. If you don’t do that, you will be missing out.

Videos For Information 

More than consume written content, people are attracted when there is a video that does the job. High-quality videos are a great source of information. Why? Because this way, you can show your audience how your product or service works rather than trying to tell them about it. Therefore, make sure you are doing this. However, that being said, make sure your videos are fun and interactive, something that will entice the audience. A boring video with unsuitable music will not do the deed.

Quality Of The Content Must Go Up 

Today, everyone is producing content. So, what can you do differently? Give your audience quality content that makes a fun read and is also informative. Irrelevant content will not make the cut. In 2021, useful and easy to read content is what will help boost your traffic. So, when you are creating a content strategy, make sure you plan it in such a way that you are not only creating article upon article but are also coming up with information that the audience wants to read. Otherwise, even if you produce high-quality content, readers will be few. The quality and the information must align.

Pages That Load Fast 

Imagine, you see a link for some information on Google that you want to know. You click on the link and go to the website but the page is loading too slowly. What will you do? You will move on to another source. Today, people are impatient and don’t want to waste even a second. So, your website should load faster on both mobile and computer. This is a trend that will always be in place because no one likes waiting.

The Length Of Your Content Matters 

If you have been posting shorter content, think again. The trend for content is the longer the better. But, don’t go over 1500 words after a point, it can become boring and we don’t want that do we? Your content must be informative and engaging. Don’t simply try to stretch the words.

Searching Images 

With the help of AI, visual searches is also in trend. Here, the keywords attached to the image will come in handy. So, if you haven’t been doing that, make sure each image has a keyword attached to make sure it pops up in a search.

Other Search Engines 

Have you been concentrating only on Google? Well, my friend, there are other search engines, such as Bing. You must think about them too. Don’t simply concentrate on ranking on top in Google, but make sure you are visible in other search engines too.

Local Search Listing 

Generally, people think the internet is more of a global nature. However, today, more and more people make use of this service to find localized services and goods. For instance, if you are looking for a restaurant in your neighborhood, you make use of the internet to get the job done. So yes, local SEO is very much in trend and it will continue to do so next year. So what must you do? If you haven’t already, start by creating Google My Business page and take it from there.

Javascript SEO 

Javascript on websites might grow in future. With this trend, you can make your website content interactive and dynamic. Javascript SEO is a part of technical SEO and makes the website more powerful.

Relevant Information 

Sometimes, just to make sure the website ranks on top, there are some who fill it with several keywords but not much information. Now, even your audience is wiser. They too know what SEO trends is and what role keywords have. So, if they see you are just trying to rank but your information is useless, your audience will lose their trust on your website and not visit your website like they used to. So, whatever content you are putting on your website, whether it is video, image, or written content, make sure the information is relevant and not just contains a plethora of keywords.

Link Building For Landing On The First Page 

Link building is an age-old technique, which is here to stay and will continue to dominate even in 2021. It goes without saying but building quality links is important and that’s only possible when your content is strong too.

So, these were SEO trends of 2021. Make sure you use them and boost your online presence.

Why Should You Follow The Trends 

When you are creating a piece of content, what’s the purpose? You want to highlight your brand and make sure it reaches the right set of audience. Even if your business is doing just fine now, you must always strive harder to ensure you don’t fall down. And, that’s where the trends come in. When you follow the current trends, you will be able to;

  • Beat your competition
  • Grow your business
  • Enhance your traffic
  • Bring in more people to your website

When you don’t follow the trends, the chances are, you might lag behind and your business might not do as well as your competitors. And, the SEO industry is always getting updated. Therefore, stay up to date to stay ahead.


PPC Advertising

PPC for Lead Generation: How to Get More Leads with PPC

As a business owner, you can never be satisfied with the number of consumers you have, as for you to grow, your audience base must also keep growing. Can PPC help you with it? Yes. Before we proceed with how you can make use of PPC Advertising for lead generation, let’s understand what it is all about. 

What Is PPC?

PPC or pay per click is a part of the internet marketing family where advertisers pay a fee every time there is a click on it. Basically, it means buying visits to your site. Search engine is the most popular method of PPC. For instance, when you type “best PPC campaign management services,” the results you see on top are the ads. Now, each time a visitor clicks on that ad, you pay that particular search engine a small fee. Although you end up paying, in the end, it seems trivial because you only pay when someone shows interest in your website. 

Curating a strong PPC campaign isn’t a piece of cake. A lot of thinking and planning goes into it. For instance, you need to first finalize the right set of keywords and then use them accordingly because search engines reward you when your campaigns are relevant and appropriately targeted. Now, when it comes to PPC, the next common terminology you might have come across is Google Adwords. So, what is it? Let’s learn more about it below. 

What Is Google Ads?

Now, Google Ads and formerly known as Google Adwords, it is one of the most popular types of PPC available to us. This tool allows you to create campaigns that appear on top of the search engine when a search is initiated. How does Google choose your ad? It is an amalgamation of the relevance and quality of the keywords. 

So, you now know what PPC Advertising is all about. Therefore, let’s move on to how you can get more leads with this wondrous tool. 

How To Get More Leads With PPC? 

Keywords And More Keywords 

One of the strategies when it comes to PPC marketing is to make use of keywords wisely. They are the foundation of any campaign. They are the ones who decide who gets the front row! So, if you want quality leads, make use of keywords correctly. So, one trick you can make use of here is by using long-tail keywords in the mix. Why? Because it targets users who know what they want, and if they are searching for what you are offering, chances are they will go ahead with the sale. 

Good Quality Ads 

You need to have headings that appeal to the audience and boost the CTR, increasing the conversion rates. Therefore, the key here is to tactfully come up with a copy that can help gain more traffic. For instance, you are writing an ad for a bakery. Now, they are more than just cakes, so you can write something that calls out the bundle deal. 

Attention Catching Headline 

Today, the audience wants everything done quickly. No one actually bothers to read the entire copy but only the headline. So, in a few words, you must attractively convey your entire message. Yes, not a very easy task, but nevertheless, that’s what’s necessary. For instance, if you are offering a product for free or there are discounts in place. Always highlight it. It is a great way to entice your consumers. However, whatever you put out, there must be something you offer too. Never make use of false statements to lure the audience. 

Landing Page Is For Target Audience 

Now you know that you are supposed to make use of keywords when it comes to PPC marketing; also, you know a quality copy is what can get the job done. So, what next? Landing page copy is another such tool that helps qualify the users on the page. You curate the landing page according to your ideal consumers. For instance, let’s say you are selling life insurance. Your target group is younger and healthier people. Therefore, in the body copy, you point out those characteristics and will make use of images that convey the message to your target group. 

Proper Call To Action 

Call to action is incredibly important. You must have also come across them in newspapers or ads where they say, “visit us now” or “hurry up!” Of course, PPC’s call to action is a little different, but the gist is the same. Let’s walk you through an example. Now, you are writing a copy for an apartment building, you go. “3 BHK luxury apartment available in New York,” here, you are just informing them that there is an apartment. But, if you write, “Hurry Up! Luxury apartment for sale at a reasonable price.” This statement makes an impact. This is something that spikes interest in the audience. You can also use statements such as “call for more,” “sign up now,” “For more information,” etc. 

Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions help provide additional information that might help lure the customer. They can include customer reviews, the name of the company, address, and more. This extension will put out all the necessary information your consumer needs to help them choose you. So, when you are using PPC ads, make use of extensions too as they make it easier for you to generate new leads. 

Create Better Ads Than Your Competitor 

In every field, you will meet competitors, and it’s no different when it comes to PPC. If you see your competitor has high ranking ads, take a look at what they are doing differently to generate great results. In fact, there are tools available, such as SpyFu, that can help you check your competitor’s best-performing keyword. Once you are familiar with what your competitor is doing, you can curate a strategy better than that! 

Monitor Your Campaigns 

When it comes to pay per click marketing, make sure you keep monitoring your campaigns. You cannot set it and then forget it. You are continuously spending money in one place. Therefore, it is important that you keep your eyes open. Monitoring your ads will help you understand if you are utilizing your budget properly. You should look out for; click through rate, quality score, and cost per click. Always make it a point to improve your click through rate and quality score, while you lower your cost per click. 


Why You Must Use PPC Advertising?


Faster Results When Compared To SEO 

While SEO can deliver the best possible results, it can be a time-consuming process. So, if you are looking for something with faster results, PPC advertising is your answer. When you curate the right kind of campaigns, you will see the results right away. 

You Will Know Where Your Leads Are From 

When you take a look at PPC analytics, it will tell you where your audience is coming from and what they are responding to. When you know what is driving the traffic, it will become easier for you to duplicate the same strategy for other campaigns as well. 

A Large Base Of Audience 

Today, there are more than 3.5 billion searches each day and Google is the go to source. So, you know you can reach your target audience with little effort. 

So, these were our tips on how you can enhance your PPC strategies and why they are important. Now that you are familiar with all the advantages PPC advertising has to offer, make the most of it.