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LinkedIn for content marketing: Things you must know

In today’s times, LinkedIn is a top contender when it comes to the best social media platforms. A professional networking site, you will find diversity here like no other website. The site boasts more than 720 million users and every day more and more people sign up. Whether you are looking for a job or wanting to connect to like-minded people, LinkedIn is your go-to network. But, that’s not all LinkedIn can help you with. Content marketing is an aspect with which LinkedIn can help. How? Keep reading till the end to know all about content strategy for LinkedIn.

How To Market Your Content On LinkedIn

Regular Status Update

If you are familiar with Facebook and new to LinkedIn, this of the latter as a professional Facebook! Now, just like you would update your status on Facebook, you need to do the same on LinkedIn to ensure you are always visible to your target audience. The LinkedIn status update is also known as Network update, and here you can also fiddle with the visibility before you share. In fact, there is an option where you can share your post directly with your Twitter network too. But, what should you share?

  • You can share links to your blogs, other interesting articles, videos, and more.
  • You can also attach documents.
  • You can tag people related to your article or anyone else from your connection.
  • You can also tag any events you are attending or have attended.

You now know what kind of posts must go on LinkedIn. Let’s now talk about the things you must avoid posting on the site;

  • Don’t treat LinkedIn as Facebook. Nobody here wants to know what you had for breakfast or what your cat or dog looks like to sleep. It is a professional network, emphasis on the professional. Therefore, be careful about what you post.
  • Don’t be a spammer. Unlike Twitter, you cannot keep posting continuously on LinkedIn. Just once or twice is fine.
  • Don’t talk about sensitive topics. Again, it’s a professional network. So, it’s always keep it professional.
  • Don’t keep pitching your products all the time. This is an annoying practice. Instead share useful information that your connections will find interesting.
  • Schedule your posts at the right time.

Publish And Share Articles On LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a publishing platform, which is a great way to expand your engagement. The reach of the publishing platform is great and within minutes you will see that you are gaining followers. Therefore, keep at it. Just like you would create articles for other guest blogging sites like medium, you can do the same here too. The advantages of publishing on LinkedIn apart from the engagement include;

  • You will be able to reach your target audience and resonate with them.
  • You will achieve more exposure, so you can showcase your knowledge on the particular topic.
  • It helps gain followers, which is the bottom-line of any business.

So, how should you go about publishing your article on LinkedIn to get it right?

  • Define what you want to write. Don’t just go for it for the sake of writing. Think about your target audience, think about what would entice them, and then proceed.
  • Always brainstorm topics. Do some research on what works and what doesn’t then start with it.
  • Keep it relevant and talk about topics that you have a stronghold on.
  • Use images to make your piece of content look attractive but again, don’t overdo it.

Video Content Is In

Today, more and more people are moving towards videos as they can be entertaining when done right. So make use of it. Post relevant and useful videos on LinkedIn. Let’s say you are a content writer, you can come up with videos that offer tutorials to budding writers. This way, you will establish your expertise and boost your online presence. So, what are the benefits of opting for videos on LinkedIn?

  • It caters to your target audience and more and more people prefer videos to written content so you will get more exposure.
  • You will see the number of your followers going up.
  • You will come across co-branding opportunities. For instance, you can work with an influencer to boost your video’s presence.

Again, don’t just jump into the whole concept because it works. You need a proper content strategy for LinkedIn. Plan it out. Brainstorm topics. And, research the best video-creating tools because you always want to put your best foot forward. You can also use the live feature once you gain the necessary confidence as it does wonders on the algorithms.

Tips For Content Strategy For LinkedIn

Now that you know how effective content marketing is for LinkedIn, let’s take a look at content marketing strategies for LinkedIn that will help you post quality content on the platform. Take a look.

Always Plan Your Content In Advance

Never post content without any planning. It is important to plan your content in advance because this will help you post quality content and it will help you generate more interest among your audience. Let’s take an example. Let’s say you write about the best social media platforms today, make sure your topic tomorrow is again something related to social media like best social media strategies, and the next day you can write about social media mistakes to avoid. Make it like a whole series that your audience can see as that will provide complete information and also generate curiosity.

Come Up With A Strategy That Works For You

You share content because you want to grow your audience. However, you cannot do that without having a posting strategy. Generally, posting status 2-3 a day and long-form content 1-2 times a week works on LinkedIn. But, tweak it according to what you see works.

Wrapping up, try these tips and tricks as they will work. And remember, always strike up a conversation with your connections. For instance, if someone sends you a request or views your profile, feel free to strike up a conversation as there might be a potential for collaboration and growth.  



Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

Content marketing is a strategy embraced by marketers today, which revolves around creating, publishing, and distributing content of various platforms in order to generate the necessary traffic to your business. Content marketing is mostly done via social media, blogs, videos, ebooks, and more. To make things more clear of content marketing importance, let’s walk you through an example. 

Say you are in the business of chocolate making and want to gain new customers. Instead of writing a post telling me that you are the best chocolate maker in town, you write a blog that talks about the best gifting ideas, the benefits of consuming homemade chocolates, etc. You optimize your blogs with the help of keywords. Slowly, your blog ranks, and the next time anyone is looking for gifts, they are redirected to your page. Some might choose to buy your homemade chocolates too while they are there. So, this is an example of content marketing importance. 

But, if you are still not convinced, we bring you plenty of other important reasons as to why you need content marketing services for your business. Keep reading to know more. 

Builds Credibility And Trust 

If your website lacks content in today’s day and age, people don’t trust it: more the content, more credibility, and trust. However, you can’t merely put up anything. Whatever goes on your website or social media must resonate with your brand persona. It must be attractive in order to entice your consumers. Otherwise, you will probably lose out to your competitors. Hence, always have a foolproof content marketing strategy. Right from the number of blogs that need to go out on the website to the number of social media posts you are planning, you must never post blindly. Have a strategy behind your actions. 

Brand Awareness 

When you put content out there related to your business, you are actually building brand awareness. Not everyone knows exactly what you are all about, and it is time to change that with content marketing. When you use it to its fullest, you will be able to generate new traffic and even convert them into sales. So, be careful about the content you post because it is attached to your brand. 

Search Engine Results 

Today, since we live in a tech-savvy world, we want everything to be at our fingertips. So, whenever we need something, we quickly Google it. And, the said search engine works to bring you the most relevant information. So, in the same way, when you start creating useful information, Google recognizes it, and people searching for it will come across your page. Of course, search engine algorithms are never the same. But, you must concentrate on quality and useful content. That’s what will make it rank higher. 

New Leads For Business 

The sole purpose of any marketing tactic is to generate leads. And, that’s what content marketing does too, when done right. With content marketing strategies, new consumers will come across your brand and can convert into sales. You can use additional content like e-books in order to stay ahead of your competitors. 

You Get Ideal Buyers 

With content marketing, you are talking about a subject. Now, people do a search because they are interested in it. For instance, let’s take the above example. I would Google gift ideas when I am actually looking to buy something for someone. So, when I come across the chocolate maker’s page, I am already interested. So, there are chances that it converts into sales. That’s the beauty of content marketing. It brings the audience who are genuinely interested in the product. 

Content Sharing 

Let’s say you are a nutritionist and are looking to promote your business. You write content related to fitness, health, and more because you have the expertise. So, people who come across your content, if they like it, will share it with their friends or family or on social media sites. Therefore, more people come across the content, and chances of converting them into a customer also elevates. 

A Reason To Visit Your Site 

Sharing useful and relevant information means you are building a community of users. Now, if, as a nutritionist, you are sharing content related to health, I know that’s your niche. Whenever I am on the lookout for content related to health, it is your website I visit. Therefore, instead of writing content with a marketing point of view. Try to build a community and share relevant and useful information. This will definitely entice new and old consumers, and in time you will see a growth in the traffic. Spammy content with only keywords gets dissed by the audience, and you also tend to lose your credibility. Hence, never make that error. 

So, these were some of the reasons why content marketing importance are essential for any business.