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How to Keep Your Target Audience Engaged in 2021

When it comes to business, audience engagement is frequently the most important factor. Every level of business success begins with reaching and engaging the proper audience, from building brand awareness to driving conversions. Technology has transformed how organizations & businesses can become involved with their audiences in recent years. That is why businesses need to prepare an audience engagement plan.

Here we will discuss the 13 most effective strategies for engaging the audience for business;  

1. Marketing through video;

We can increase engagement by 22percent when we combine video with full-page advertisements. Online video has become one of the most powerful engagement platforms for marketers. Large amounts of data can be presented to an audience in innovative ways. Additionally, when viewers are online, videos have become the favored media. These can be found on YouTube, a company’s website, or their social media pages. Videos can aid in the communication of crucial information, increase website traffic, increase engagement, and even increase sales. 


2. Spend time and effort on social listening:

One of the most effective strategies for increasing audience engagement is to integrate ourselves into platforms where our audience is already engaged.   Around 80 % of individuals choose to follow a business on social media based on factors such as content & interaction and as a sense of authenticity. Be present on there, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit, etc. Try to identify existing conversations about our brand, join the conversation to help drive engagement. It is critical to establish a strong brand voice, maintaining a consistent tone in our messaging, especially when it comes to social media engagements.


3. Use tactics to keep them on a website for long;

It’s essential to monitor audience interaction on the website. Making intelligent recommendations about other things that a reader may click or touch on. For example, any image,  any paragraph about social video content,   etc., are the contents that can help us with this.  It’s a logical approach that a reader will notice and click on. This is a  technique to keep visitors on our website for longer and consume more of our material. Digital marketing tactics include content marketing majorly.


4. Increase visuals & infographics in your posts or materials;

We know that our content requires images, but here we need to understand the quality and amount of visuals that should be used. Here, it is not a matter of quantity against quality; we require both of them in a balanced proportion. On social media, infographics, images are shared three times more than any other sort of content. More statistics like these can be found in the full-length infographic. As many brands are already doing, and if we aren’t, we risk having poor interaction on social media and other platforms also. Spend time and money on our graphic content, images, videos, infographics, etc. that will be worth our money for sure.


5. Connect with our target audience via LinkedIn Pulse;

LinkedIn Pulse is an excellent medium for growing our brand and increasing audience engagement within our company, whether we sell B2B or B2C. Not only can we utilize Linkedin Pulse posts to link back to our blog or website, but we can also use the user comments we receive to boost our other forms of social media marketing.


6. Get together with influencers to achieve our goals; 

Influencer marketing is one of the best audience engagement strategies, according to nearly 95% of marketers. While increasing audience engagement, connecting with the right influencers is an excellent way to increase the size of the audience. Customers enjoy interacting with influential people and listening to their opinions. If their favorite influencer is a fan of a particular item or product, they are likely to consider them. Now, dealing with micro-influencers is a growing trend in influencer marketing. It is far more personal than a big glossy sponsored post on a celebrity’s Instagram account with millions of followers. Because of their smaller size, they will be more linked with their audience and will have a much tighter niche, i.e., we’re connecting with a highly targeted set of people.


7. Getting highlighted on local newspapers or magazines; 

This could be as writing a press release or as conducting an interview, or writing a feature. If we can get on a major news event or trend, it will be a boon. All journalists require an endless supply of good content to engage their audiences. Long-term benefits can be gained by cultivating connections with journalists whose publications are relevant to our sector.


8. Engage visitors using chatbots;

Live chat & chatbots are other good strategies for engaging the audience while they are on our site. It is a great way to increase engagement and provide our audience with the information they need from us. Customers prefer live chat as a means of communication, and it has the highest level of customer satisfaction. By incorporating chatbot functionality, we become able to engage with our audience instantly.


9. Email marketing campaigns;

For small firms, email marketing initiatives provide the best return on investment. Emails are a terrific way to contact and engage audiences in digital marketing and are an excellent engagement tool. Businesses may use email to engage consumers in various ways, including promoting special offers, providing downloadable content, and sharing relevant content based on previous purchases, among other things.


10. Advertising that is native to the area;

There is a bundle of advantages of SEO as a medium-long-term strategy for our company. In case, willing to get instant results, paid advertisements are the best option. Native Advertising allows our ad to blend in (nearly flawlessly) with the platform on which it is going. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin, etc., offer this type of integrated advertising.


11. Announce some giveaways or discounts;

Surprising with a gift or discount is one of the outstanding strategies for engaging the audience while also keeping them satisfied. Everyone anticipates a sale at particular periods of the year, such as during the holidays or near the end of the year. As we can surprise new customers with a voucher to use on their first purchase. This surprise will increase their interest and is a great audience engagement plan to increase and maintain audience engagement.


12. Posting by Others i.e., Guest posting:

Guest posting is a powerful approach for expanding our reach into new communities and increasing traffic to our website. Before approaching a blog in our business with a high degree of engagement or a large- number of followers, it’s worth doing some planning. Check to see if the blog owner is active on social media, as this implies that our piece may have more pull.


13. Use creativity when it comes to social networking;

Early, the only option was to create a Facebook page, but now we have a plethora of platforms and alternatives. Thus, we can make several audience engagement plans. Instagram Stories has become an excellent tool for increasing audience engagement. It has quickly become a popular tool for brands to employ since its debut in 2016. Instagram Stories boasts 500 million daily active users, and according to analytics, one out of every three of the most viewed stories is from a company, not a person. Elements such as quizzes, polls, stickers, etc., do an excellent job of engaging with the audience.

A good quantity of high-quality material should be included in our approach, and with time, we’ll build a huge, engaged audience, which will result in higher sales for our business.

Which of these 13 audience engagement strategies is the most incredible fit for your company? Have you tried these yet, or do you think there’s something else we missed? Let us know!


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Why Companies Must Adopt Digital Marketing To Survive another Pandemic

The world came to an unexpected halt when the pandemic first made its entrance. Most of us never in the wildest notions imagined that our lives would take a complete turn. But, it did. And, with the COVID-19 still looming on our heads like a shadow of uncertainty, companies are devising new strategies to tackle this difficult situation. Although no industry has gone unscathed, the way of doing business has changed drastically. And one of the marketing strategies to survive the pandemic has to be digital marketing. Why? Take a look.

Online Presence Has Soared 

 With the curfews, social distancing, and being stuck at home, it means the internet is our only hope. Right from trying to pass the time on social media platforms to watching movies on OTT platforms like Netflix and right from ordering groceries online to even alcohol, our phones and laptops have somehow become an even more critical part of our lives due to the ongoing pandemic. So, with more and more people finding their way online, businesses can rethink their strategies and boost their presence online instead of closing their doors, even temporarily. And, this is one of the first digital marketing tips to help you survive a pandemic- make your online presence felt.


A Cost-Effective Approach 

Now, when the most powerful organizations are facing hefty losses today, just imagine the plight of small businesses; they are probably just getting by. And, closing the shop is not an option right now. So, what can you do? Switch to digital marketing as it is not only genuinely beneficial and can make a substantial impact in the long run, but it is also cost-effective and enables you to reach your potential clients and promote offers easily without going over your budget.


Digital Marketing Tips To Help You Survive The Pandemic 

 Turn To SEO 

 Let’s first clarify one thing. SEO is not merely inserting keywords in your blog or content. That’s where some people go wrong and end up losing because they don’t make the most of it. Now, as mentioned earlier, online shopping is our saving grace. To ensure we keep ourselves safe, even dairy and groceries come for online stores. So, what can you do? Optimize your website’s SEO to ensure your presence is visible to your target audience. Otherwise, even if you offer the best service or products, it won’t reach your audience, putting a dent in your business plan.


Boost Your Brand Value And Credibility 

 Even before this crisis called Coronavirus hit us, having a decent online presence was essential. But now, it has become mandatory because if you have a good website and a social media presence, people automatically jump to the conclusion that you are a credible and trustworthy brand. When we say a good website, you can’t merely have something with a contact page. It would help if you had at least an About Us section, Services Offered, and of course, the Contact Us section. And just like that, when it comes to social media, be visible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more platforms if you like. Put out at least one post to raise brand awareness. Try to boost your followers and do this religiously.


Don’t Ignore Email Marketing 

Now you are probably thinking, who reads marketing emails, correct? Well, my friend, we all do when the subject line catches our attention. Don’t we? That one line makes a difference, and email marketing is an excellent way to keep your clients engaged. Send personalized messages, keep your clients informed about what is going on with your business, offer promotions and more.

 Online Ads And Promotions

 Although you are probably coming up with engaging content, it is also essential that it reaches your audience. So, embrace ads and promotions. You can also opt for PPC advertising where your ads get inserted in search engines for the chosen keyword.


Content Marketing 

 You have probably heard this a million times, “Content is King,” but content is everything in reality. It is the most powerful tool out there. So, create exciting and informative blogs, videos, infographics, and more to keep your content engaging enough. Be relevant and provide your audience with their choice of information.

 How Will It Work Once Things Go Back To Normal 

As of now, we don’t know what’s going to actually happen. Maybe, in a few weeks or months now, your offline shops might re-open. However, the advantage of switching to digital marketing is that you also boast an online presence, and that’s definitely an advantage. Maybe it is your contingency plan for now, but soon, online stores will too become the new norm.

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Why Businesses Must Embrace Data-Driven Marketing in 2021

In today’s day and age, the internet is nothing new. Almost every person makes use of it one way or another. And, this number has only increased, thanks to the pandemic. Hence, more and more companies are shifting their focus towards curating the best digital marketing strategies to gain more audience.

Whether you own a small business or a big one, the key to making it work is to understand your consumers. But, how do you do that? Well, that’s where the data comes in. The collected data about your consumers gives you an idea and offers valuable insight into them. It also offers you knowledge about their buying patterns and also about their demographics. So, why is data-driven marketing important for business?

Did you know? Internet users generate almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day!
So, as a digital marketer, if you come up with a way to properly utilize this data, you can curate the best digital marketing strategies.

 Well, data-driven marketing has turned the business world upside down, in a good way, in the last few years. Today, consumers expect more personalized service, therefore, with the data that is offered, businesses can meet the consumer’s demands. It not only helps you grow as a company but it also helps you focus more on what is perfect for your audience. Take a look at more reasons why businesses must embrace data-driven marketing in 2021.

 Create A More Personalized Experience

One of the best examples of personalizing things is that of Amazon. When you re-login, you see recommendations based on your browsing history, your previous search, and buys. This is a remarkable way to offer your consumers what they need. Also, if your browser cookies aren’t cleared, they can do it in real-time too. How can you opt for this strategy? The first step here is to narrow down the demographics of your target audience. Then customize the content of your website accordingly so that it suits their needs.

For instance, let’s say a teenager is browsing your site, someone 18. But, when they go to your site, they see images of old people there. Since they are not going to connect, chances are they will simply close the browser and not even read any content presently there. Hence, the front page of your site should match your target audience. To make things easier for you, there are several data-driven marketing tools available for business, such as Optimizely, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and more. Make sure you use them to enhance your growth.

 It Helps You Know Your Consumers

 Identity resolution helps you gain more insight into your consumers. How does it do that? It helps you recognize them to a deeper extent, such as their interests, the apps they use, and more. To connect all the data points you can make use of tools that help connect B2B and B2C identities to helps you reach your audience via multiple channels.

 Leads To Website Traffic

 Although social media can help you gain a certain amount of recognition, search engines are the real deal here. Now, let’s take a look at Facebook’s new algorithm for News Feed. It favors posts from your friends and families to the businesses. This is great for the audience as they want to make their audience feel connected to their close ones. However, it is not great for businesses. So, you know now how important SEO is.

 You Can Monitor Your Performance Easily

Once you start using the data to connect well with your audience, you can take into account their behavior and interests and tweak your strategy to resonate with it. However, this only works if you regularly monitor your performance. That being said, you must always make sure you make use of high-quality data as poor ones might not have the desired effect. Some of the data-driven marketing trends for business include;

  • A personalized user experience.

  • Understand that artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing.

  • SEO is extremely important, make use of it to the fullest.

  • Omnichannel marketing is effective. It is using a cross-channel content strategy to improve the experience of your user and also helps you build a stable relationship with them.

  • Mobile apps can help enhance your business.

  • Helps You With Data Onboarding, which is one of the trending data driven digital marketing strategy is data onboarding, where you transfer the offline data to an online medium to suit your marketing needs.

Optimize Multiple Marketing Channels

Now, if you generate leads via Facebook, that’s different than leads generated from Google Display Network. Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to come up with strategies according to the channel via which you are generating the leads. With the help of data-driven marketing techniques, you will be able to identify which channel works the best for you and which message entices your audience. You can also see which medium works the best for you, such as social media, email marketing and more. And, for any business, having this data available will ensure growth.

Helps Enhance You Content Continuously

When the data and information from the metrics tells you how your campaigns are faring, it gives you room to improve your content according to the ever changing needs of your consumers’. It helps you enhance the quality of your work. And, we all know, content is the king. Therefore, you need to put out quality content that attracts your audience base. Also, if you embrace the data-driven marketing, it also helps enhance the quality of your data, however, make sure you keep refreshing your database.

Don’t Let Ego Interfere

Now, you are probably thinking, how did ego even come into the picture. Well, we are here to tell you. Sometimes, what happens is that data testing programs might tell us that your previous creations, which might even be somewhat precious to you, may not be so great in reality. It can be anything, maybe the copy you wrote or the design that was curated. But, this is where you cannot let ego interfere. You must understand that failure is a part and parcel of life. And, you don’t create for yourself but your audience. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is them who must like what you put out. So, trust the data.

 Enhance Your Brand Image

With the help of big data, you can see how your audience interacts with your brand. This is done by monitoring social media platforms, your website, and your consumer’s digital footprint. When you dig deep, you will find honest reviews, criticisms, testimonials, and more. Why will this help? Because you will be able to comprehend what your audience thinks about your brand and if there is anything negative, since you know what it is, you will be able to rectify it and ensure you have loyal consumers.

These were a few reasons why you must embrace data-driven marketing for business. They will not only help you grow seamlessly but will also make your brand known. Let us know what you think.

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How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Better ROI

There is no denying the fact that in today’s world, digital marketing is ruling. Right from the smallest start-ups to tech biggies, everyone is embracing the best data driven digital marketing  strategy. But, what will work for you? With so many strategies going around, choosing the best becomes mandatory. However, the important tip here is to have a clear understanding of your business, the target group and audience, demographics, and the product before choosing the right strategy. So, let’s delve deep into the subject.


What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is the action plan you come up with to achieve all your digital marketing goals. Think of it as a road map. If you are going to a place where you have never been before and don’t know your way, following a road map will lead you to your destination. It’s the same with your digital marketing strategy. Whether you have established a successful campaign before doesn’t come to play here. But the new digital campaign you are planning is basically an unknown territory. So, a strategy, like a road map, will guide you to make your way to the destination.


How To Create A Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy 

Now that you know the importance of having a data driven digital marketing strategy, let’s find out how you can come up with one perfect for your organization.


Define Your Brand 

View your brand from an audience point of view and how it resonates with your brand guidelines. For an ROI driven digital marketing strategy, this must be your first step. Here, think about your unique points as you can use them to build your brand voice.


Flexibility Is The Key 

Your enthusiasm is at the right place, but if you become too rigid when it comes to your ROI driven digital marketing strategies, it might not work because this is a trial and error process. Now, that doesn’t mean you ditch your plan, you need it. But allow it some room to make changes when necessary. Be flexible with changing SEO patterns, trends, content, and more.

Remember this, for a successful strategy, you need a little tweaking now and then, and you cannot follow a stagnant strategy. If you ever find yourself confused, despite having an in-house team, don’t shy away from consulting other marketing teams.


Know Your Customer, Very Well 

 You have an understanding of your brand and also know how to come up with a strategy. Now, let’s move on to the third step, which is having a clear understanding of your audience. So, how can you do it? The answer is to dig deep. Explore the culture, politics, and the social environment of your audience. What else can you do?

  • Language is the key sometimes. You can make use of local languages to better connect with your audience.

  • Use emotions but keep it authentic.

  • Predict user buying patterns and make use of the points in your campaign.

  • Always know the culture of your crowd.

  • Have influencers help you.

  • Build campaigns that boost audience engagement.

 Define Your ROI Goals 

Be smart and also keep the acronym SMART in mind. It reads Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. So, how to set an ROI target? Generally, the ratio used is 5:1, i.e., for every one dollar, you spend you earn five dollars. But remember, you have to bring into account the industry, your product, cost, and other variables before you set your goal. For instance, going for a 10:1 ratio is too high and can be unrealistic.


Opportunities Don’t Come Twice 

One of the steps for a data-driven marketing strategy is to make use of the opportunities when it is presented to you. Let’s take an example of Kraft Foods, they reinvented their whole strategy after they split with Mondelez International in the year 2013. Their head of media, data, and CRM then said that they understood the importance of data as it was the backbone of a company. Despite having the data handy, they never made use of it as they should have. So, that’s what they did. They connected with their audience using the available data and their sales shot up.


Keep A Track Of Your Results  

With the help of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads, you can measure how your strategy is working and can track your performance at every step.

These were some of the steps to help you kickstart your first campaign. Remember, keep going and coming up with more strategies because you never know when something might click.

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What Is A Data-Driven Digital Marketing And Why You Should Opt For It

Before we begin what is data driven digital marketing, let me take you through a simple example. Now, let’s just say, you own a shop. But no matter what you bring in, your customers don’t seem to enjoy it and every day it’s the same story. However, one fine day, a lady from the neighborhood tells you a few things about your customers. Nothing too big or a secret. Just about their likes and dislikes. You use this information and order all the products your consumers seem to like. To ensure they notice this change, you put out ads in the form of banners and pamphlets. You highlight the major changes you have made using the information provided by the neighborhood lady. The next day you notice the business is booming.

So, how did this happen? First, you placed the ads where your consumers will see, and secondly highlighted the valuable information that was provided to you. But mainly, you used that information to make changes in your business. That’s what data-driven digital marketing is all about and instead of someone from the neighborhood providing you with all the information, you have valuable data at your disposal, which you can use to make the most.

Data-driven digital marketing is most popular today because of the readily available data present and a plethora of tools we can find to ensure the data is used to aid growth. But, what advantages will it truly offer you? Read on.


One of the main benefits of opting for data-driven marketing strategies is that you can create personalized campaigns that directly connect with your target audience, leading to a greater ROI. And while you are at it, combine it with the optimum delivery time as it will boost your growth and engagement.


Helps You Reach The Right Audience

Let’s take an example here. You go out shopping for a blanket and you find something you absolutely love. After using it for a few days, you realize that its quality is exceptional and you also loved the service that particular brand provided. So, what do you do then? You talk about it to your friends and family, rave about it and even go online to give it great reviews. Now, let’s apply the same ideology into digital marketing.

As a marketer, advertising and reaching your audience is not your end goal, converting it into business is. Also, you want to convert your target audience into loyal consumers, so that they keep coming back to you and act as your brand ambassadors amidst their friends and family. With certain tools available to you, you can learn so much about all the consumers who visit your website and these analytical tools will also provide you with valuable demographic information. Finally, using all the data available to you, one will be able to narrow down their right audience. And, only when you know about the group you are targeting will you be able to deliver what they require.

Enhance Customer Experience

With the help of data-driven digital marketing techniques, you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t work with your campaigns, and also curate them according to the wants of your consumers. After all, customers always crave for information or products that are useful to them. According to a study by the Global Review, it was seen that 45% of marketers used data-driven techniques to elevate their consumer experience by conducting satisfaction surveys and improving themselves in areas in which it was required.


Helps Improve Content Quality

There is no denying the fact that the customer needs keep changing continuously. Every new trend that blossoms, you must ensure you embrace it. Every news of your consumer demographics must be picked apart to see if you can apply it. Also, the metrics bring you new information to continuously enhance your campaigns to stay in par with your consumer’s requirements. Now, these metrics and data let you know how your content is performing. If you feel that there is a need for improvement according to what the data shows, you must get it done to ensure your brand shines.


Lets You Gain Loyal Customers

Have you ever heard of that saying, “One in a hand is worth two in a bush?” Well, this proverb fits aptly here. Now, let’s say you already have a loyal base and you are doing your best to gain more consumers. But remember, maintaining a balance here is important because while you are doing everything to bring in new people on board, it shouldn’t happen that you forget about your loyal base because to ensure they stay attached to your brand for longer, your need to keep updating yourself according to their needs too. For instance, there is a local wallet store my friends adore. They only buy wallets from that one place and change it every three months. However, after a year or so, when they went to buy a new wallet, they saw that the designs were still the same. Nothing new. So, that one time they did not make a purchase. Now, the old designs were exceptional and helped the brand gain several new consumers regularly. But for the old customers, the charm was slowly fading off. But, the company took note of it. The next time my friend went to make a purchase, they saw that along with the old designs they had something new and better too. They could do this because of their surveys and the other data they had collected over time and understood the importance of loyal and new customers both.

Now, you know how valuable data can be when used correctly. They can aid your growth and help bring in more leads and customers. These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg as to why one must opt for data-driven marketing techniques. It not only enhances your ROI reach but also helps your brand grow expositional. Stay tuned for more useful blogs like this!