Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of SEO consultant in Pune depends on how big your business is and the services you are looking for. We have custom-made packages that suite your needs and can work within your budget. We have a talented team in place, who are well-versed in the field of SEO and can help you tackle your needs without any hassles.

With the help of SEO, you will be able to enhance your website traffic. And, when the visibility goes up, you will automatically get more visitors on your website. Therefore, more traffic equals more sales.
There is no rule as to how many keywords we will target. It all depends on your website, the industry and various other factors. The keywords we target and the number of keywords we will use depends on the business objectives.
It is important to understand that SEO results are not immediate. So, patience is the key here. It generally takes two to three months to see improvements. In fact, when it is done correctly, you will see a dramatic improvement. And, for a new website without any history and completely fresh content, it might take up to six months.
GALR Marketing is one of the leading SEO companies in Pune. With a vast experience and the right skill-set, we have had a plethora of happy clients. Our team is young and talented and dedicated to delivering the best digital marketing services. We pour our heart and soul into offering you the very best and the results speak for themselves. We help you get the best SEO ranking to boost your business.
Yes. If you are currently dealing with another agency and are looking for a switch, we can easily take over and help you meet your goals. And, just like we have mentioned earlier, SEO results take a few months. So, nothing will be immediate but you will soon see great results. With GALR Marketing by your side, you will see a growth in the traffic, generate more leads which means more revenue. It will also help increase brand awareness and builds trust with your audience. Today, when we browse the search engine, we never go to page two, but trust the results that appear on the first page. So, if your website doesn’t appear on the first page, you might not be able to build the credibility among your audience. Therefore, don’t waste any more time. Get in touch with us today and choose growth!